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We offer squared-logs and kiln and air-dried lumber in all dimensions of up to 32 hardwood species, including some exotics covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species by special arrangement with the Forestry  Commission. For further information, please contact our sales team or complete the enquiry form below.


Sawmill offcuts and salvaged timber damaged by 60 years of repeated immersion and exposure are converted into charcoal in modern steel kilns that minimise the production of CO2 and methane and have a 5:1 wood:charcoal conversion ratio as compared to the 13:1 conversion of the traditional “bury-and-burn” method. This high-quality charcoal is available for the domestic market at bulk and wholesale prices, and for export both in bulk and prepackaged for retail sale to your specification.


Salvaged timber that cannot be converted into lumber is broken down into 2 grades of firewood: A-grade for export, with specific dimensions and moisture below 12%, and B-grade for local consumption.


In line with our 100% log utilisation philosophy, the fines and substandard charcoal are converted into biochar for use in soil enrichment. Our guilt-free biochar is available for the domestic market at bulk and wholesale prices

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