National Development

Relevance to National Development

Support Rural Development

  • Dedeso’s activities will create direct employment opportunities for the community
  • Expected employment will exceed 1,000 from local production of building materials to the expansion of aquaculture from stump clearance in selected areas
  • Dedeso supports local healthcare providers to improve healthcare services and infrastructure in the community

Reduce Fatalities

  • Navigation channel clearance will prevent deaths from collisions with stumps
  • Collisions with protruding trees have resulted in 500+ preventable deaths over the past 30 years

Enable Efficient Transportation

  • Dedeso has sonar equipment, bathymetry expertise, and cutting equipment to map and clear navigation channels in Lake Volta
  • Replacing 400km of North-South road use with lake transport creates savings of $1.5BN over 30 years due to lower transport costs and avoided road maintenance expenditure

Promote Reforestation

  • Ghana’s forest cover has reduced by 90% since 1900, and deforestation has accelerated in recent years
  • Timber salvaged from the Volta basin reduces pressure on Ghana’s living forests, facilitating regeneration
  • Dedeso has partnerships with owners of degraded forests to implement sustainable agroforestry approaches
  • Charcoal is typically sourced from illegally logged wood. Our charcoal is produced from sawmill waste from trees that died 60 years ago

Facilitate Tourism and Aquaculture

  • Protruding tree stumps limit the Volta lake’s navigability, restricting the scope of tourism and aquaculture in the area
  • Stump removal enables the expansion of aquaculture. Dedeso has an agreement in principle with Ghana’s leading fish farm to provide technical support
  • Dedeso works with key stakeholders to develop and implement a Lake Sustainable Fisheries Strategy
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